Top 10 Tips for Attending a Conference

When you attend a conference related to your area of expertise, you will get opportunities to communicate with nationally known leaders of your profession–colleagues you recognize by reputation and through their articles and books. How do you get the most out of the conference, to strengthen your job performance permanently? I can respond to that question, because for twenty-two years I attended conferences as a participant, and for the last eight years I have attended as a speaker and seminar leader. From my perspective of thirty years at conferences, I share these suggestions for maximizing your attendance:


One: Read the conference agenda thoroughly, and select the sessions that will be most likely to improve your skills.

Stay away from the seminars you could almost teach yourself, and “stretch” by hearing about topics you have not mastered.

Two: Ask a professional colleague to become your conference buddy, so you can share what you learn.

This collaboration will bring special benefits when you talk about presentations that only one of you attended.

Three: Stay for the entire conference.

You never know what good information you might miss by arriving late or leaving early.

Four: Stay at the conference’s designated hotel.

You need to be where you can enlarge your network most effectively.

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