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Welcome to Jatinga

Jatinga is a shangri-la waiting to be discovered on the outskirts of White River, Mpumalanga. With a long and proud history of excellence in all areas, from the luxurious rooms and suites to the tantalising cuisine and personalised service, Jatinga offers guests the very best of Mpumalanga.
Indulge in laid back Colonial charm and tranquillity, sumptuous cuisine and personalised service.
At Jatinga you will experience the unhurried world of genteel hospitality and abundant comfort.

Fascinating Facts
In 1904 the Transvaal Land Department, by order of Lord Milner, formally surveyed the valley below Legogote, the brooding, lion-shaped mountain clearly visible from the present day White River town. Lord Milner believed the valley might prove suitable for the development of an agricultural settlement and a promotional pamphlet was issued by the Transvaal Land Department in 1905.
This is an extract from the pamphlet, “Class of Settler desired. Only men with some capital should think of starting at White River and the sum of £500 is a minimum amount. Men with families should have over £500 as their expenses will be considerably in excess of the bachelor’s.”